Sunday, September 28, 2008

Well now that the Mets have lost again the pain in my stomach and head will subside but the mental anguish continues. Three years of seeing this team fail when it counts. Three years of injuries, excuses, poor cluth hitting and no heart. Other teams find ways to win but the Mets find ways to lose. I am tired of seeing other teams celebrate on our home field. I am tired of seeing the blank look in the face of our players while the visiting team is jubilant. Every time it is a team we should beat but our team makes them look like the '27 Yankees.

Everyone was hoping that the last game at Shea would be memorable. But we all must realize that Shea Stadium has seen more losing than winning, more ineptitude versus great play and more frustration than celebration. Unfortunately, this terrible loss is more representative and encapsulates 45 years at Shea.

Shea was really the first stadium that I frequented. It represented baseball to me. But now it represents failure. Hopefully Citi Field will be dealt a better fate.